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Clear Solutions is a Complete Window, Door, and Screen Company located in Kailua Kona, Hawaii.

We specialize in commercial/residential windows and doors, screens and hardware installation and maintenance, broken and fogged glass repair, window cleaning, and pressure washing. We even build our own insulated glass units right here on the island, saving crating and shipping costs from the mainland.

With almost two decades of experience and a solid understanding of the unique door and window needs of Hawaii, Clear Solutions truly is the clear solution.

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Installation & Other Services

We have the knowledge and expertise to install an extensive variety of window and door types from multiple manufacturers. This includes retro-fit solutions, jalousie, sliding glass doors, and screen replacements.


Clear Solutions knows glass. If you’re experiencing broken, failing, or foggy glass, give us a call. Single pane, dual pane, window grids, low-e, and tempered units—we can recommend and install the right solution for your home. We manufacture all glass on the island at our shop. This will save you money in shipping and crating.



Replace shabby or torn window, door, lanai, swing, or French door screens with our locally-made custom screens.



Saltwater is hard on windows and door hardware. We replace rusted or damaged hardware and offer an optional maintenance program to extend the life of your windows and doors.

Window & Screen Washing

Clean windows and screens elevate the look of any home. That’s why we don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to washing them. First, we remove all screens and run them through a specialized screen washer. Next, we wipe down all window frames and tracks. Finally, we check for any operational issues with your windows or damages to your screens.


Construction Cleanup

Don’t spend your valuable time cleaning—leave that to us. We provide commercial and private residence construction cleanup so you can just focus on the next job at hand.

Maintenance & Prevention

Lock & Slide

Let us perform a complete home walkthrough. We’ll assess any operational issues with your doors and windows, and may even be able to provide small adjustments that will improve the operation of your units. At the same time, we’ll keep an eye out for major issues that require more in-depth repair.


Hardware Maintenance Program

New window hardware can be expensive to replace. That’s why proper maintenance is essential not only for optimal window and door performance, but also to ensure a long lifespan for the hardware itself. Our periodic rust prevention program extends the operation of your windows and doors, saving time, money, and headaches down the road.


Hard Water Stain Prevention

We’ll apply a special solution and conduct continued maintenance to protect your glass from developing hard water stains.


Pressure Washing

Pressure washing can drastically improve the appearance and value of your home by removing and preventing the buildup of dirt, mold, stains, and more.

About Us

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Clear Solutions is Kona’s comprehensive provider of window and door products and services. When it comes to windows, we do it all—window cleaning, screen and glass replacement, window and door installation, and parts provider. Our clients’ time is important, so we aim to be a one-stop-shop for all things windows.

Clear Solutions was founded by Robert Kaestner, a window expert and service technician with over 18 years of prior experience with Milgard, one of the nation’s preeminent window manufacturers. He and the rest of the Clear Solutions team use their collective expertise every day to provide Kona with window and door products and services that get the job done.

In short, we’re the Clear Solution for all your window panes.

We Shatter The Competition

…Just wanted to thank you for all you did on your visit yesterday. We are thoroughly  enjoying the benefits of your efforts. The  windows are sliding so much easier now, I don’t have to put as much muscle behind trying to move them. The new jalousies are fabulous.  Makes the whole area seem fresh and new.”

Howard & Jane Mayo

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